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Document management has always been tricky, especially when you want to centrally store documents with all of their updates and revisions, and give people an easy way to collaborate on them. Wikis seem like the perfect solution, but they’re usually complicated, requiring at best HTML formatting and at worst a special markup language that you’ll have to get used to.

On the other end of the spectrum, Markdown formatting has been steadily increasing in popularity as a simple markup language to make rich formatted documents and HTML without having to use anything other than plain text and simple characters. It’s used in everything from new CMS apps to simple writing tools on the web and in native apps.

Bring the two together to create a web app that allows insanely simple editing, what have you got? Scribble, of course.


One of the wonderful side effects of the internet is enhanced connectivity over ever increasing distances. A great example of this is the newly setup wireless connection for NASA astronauts. One thing you’ll notice with the web is the constant push for information — now. Twitter was a big step forward in this area, as was live video streaming with sites like

Although it’s been around for awhile, over the last year or two live blogging is being used much more frequently. Live blogging is closely related to Twitter, except a small step further. We won’t get into the technology behind it but if you want to start live blogging, here’s how to do just that.