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The Internet has continued to make it easier for us to keep in touch with friends, hold virtual meetings, and even telecommute to work. It’s almost as if, for the tech savvy, at least, distance is no object when it comes to accomplishing tasks and getting work done. There are a multitude of tools to assist with the aforementioned tasks: Skype gives you the power to have audio and/or video conversations with people some distance away. iChat even supports screen sharing for when you need to get your point across that way.

But what if you want to share your screen, but your target partner doesn’t use iChat, or whatever other solution you use? What if your partner isn’t even on the same platform as you? Today, I’m going to take a look at Screenleap, a web app designed to let you share your screen with essentially anyone, in no more than one single step. How does it work? Hit the jump to read on.

Whether you need to lead a client through a presentation, go over iterations of a new design with some of your coworkers, or show your mother how to install Skype so she can videochat with the grandkids, we all need a simple and free way to share our screens with someone not in the room with us.

Enter Join.Me, a cost-free, registration-free, download-free app for sharing your screen over the Internet.


I can’t begin to tell you the number of times I’ve needed to be able to easily share my screen or see someone else’s, whether it was for collaboration reasons or simply being the IT guy for family. dimdim gives you the ability to quickly and easily share your screen, collaborate with others and much more.

I’ll take a look at dimdim and how to quickly setup screen sharing for collaboration or other reasons, with a screencast preview.