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Ever since our son was born about a year and a half ago, I have been making and preserving memories as best as I can. I take way too many pictures and videos, write down all of his milestones, and share them on Facebook and Twitter. Trust me, if you follow me on either network, you know exactly what I am talking about. But one thing that I am not the best at is being able to take all of these memories and put them in one place where family and friends can go to stay up to date on our son.

Last week I came across Irrive, an app that takes your social networks and turns them into scrapbooks to help you preserve your memories. After getting to play with Irrive for a little bit, I got really excited for the potential of this app and how easy it was to use to create a scrapbook of all my favorite memories, using the apps that I already use to document my life. It is kind of like a digital version of scrapbooking, but less time consuming than the actual version, which for someone like me is a win my book. Lets take a look around this app and how it works. (more…)

Everyone has someone special to remember in their lives. There are probably a ton of fond memories, pictures and videos that have captured them for eternity. The big question is, how do you want to remember someone special once they are gone? The problem is to piece together memories of an entire family or clique of the person.

1000Memories is a new way to remember the people we care about and build something special in their memory. After the break we will check out the app.


Scrapbooks are an age old tradition of compiling images, notes, letters and other personally important material for a nostalgic journey years later. Maintaining a scrapbook needs patience, which a lot of us lack. Cutting images and paper clippings, making doodles with watercolor, selecting cool stickers to go with—it’s simply not everyone’s cup of tea.

Scrapblog is a scrapbooking web app that allows you to design and create your own scrapbook using a simple online interface with custom backgrounds and other design elements Scrapblog lets you create a wonderful scrapbooks to preserve treasured memories.


When it comes to sharing photos, there is no doubt that Flickr is the tool of choice. But what about web sites or more web focused images? There has been a desire from the creative community to have a tool that allows people to save, categorize and share content they find on the web.

Ember is a tool that was built to meet that exact need.