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It seems like every week we review a new task management/to-do list app here at AppStorm, and it’s easy to see why – everybody has trouble getting things done. And it’s no secret that things get even messier when you’ve to collaborate with people on tasks, whether it’s a software development project or planning a party. Does 2012 hold the answer to our productivity problems? You’ll have to try Sandglaz to find out.

In the sea of task management apps, Sandglaz prides itself on being the one you’ll use the least – and that’s a good thing. Foregoing a heavy interface, focusing on reduced time creating lists and yet not scrimping on features, this is an app that you can use for personal tasks, work projects or group activities.

There’s a free version as well as paid versions for individuals and teams. Most of you are probably already using a similar app – should you make the switch? Let’s take Sandglaz for a spin first.