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When searching for the best SaaS business applications it is a tough task to avoid a Saleforce product in your quest. This is because Salesforce has developed a huge range of successful and powerful applications to help businesses with their sales, service, marketing, and analytics. These products have attracted an incredible amount of users as they are simple but incredibly feature stacked — making the running of a business a much easier task.

In this article I’m going to roundup six of the best web-based Salesforce applications, providing information on the key features and pricing model of each.

Read on to find out how online Salesforce applications can help you to run your business more efficiently!


Thanks to the availability of web-based CRM software it is now redundant to manage customer relations and your human resources department through mountains of filing or spreadsheets. An online CRM make the process quicker, easier, and generally more efficient. This is achieved through offering a wide range of capabilities including the ability to track customer interactions and allowing employees to book time off.

The great thing about web-based CRM apps is that they are always-on and always available from any device you happen to be using. Another great feature of cloud-based CRMs is that they can integrate with many of your other web-based business systems, making you more productive, and allowing you to feed sales data to other areas of your company.

The advantages of using cloud CRM software are numerous. In this article I will highlight the unique differences between some of the top CRM solutions in order help you find the best CRM solution for your business needs.

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