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SugarCRM is one of the most popular CRMs available right now, and with good reason. They offer a free, open source version (Sugar Community Edition) or tiered levels for businesses, ranging from $30 per user per month, to $60 per user per month and above.  A solid CRM is essential for many businesses and it’s incredibly important to find the best one for you and your workflow.

Let’s find out a little about what SugarCRM can mean for you and how it stacks up against others. (more…)

It’s so good to see how web apps are simplifying bloated, enterprise grade software with simpler solutions and flexible pricing. They don’t charge for a ton of hardly used features and make sure there is flatter learning curve. After tackling the cumbersome project management vertical, web apps have started breaking down CRM and ERP functionality with single purpose apps.

Quote generation, help desk and sales management are important modules in a conventional Customer Relationship Management (CRM) app. Companies pay a boatload of money to deploy them and to train their employees. But, things are changing fast. I’ve been hearing good things about Stride lately and it looks like a capable sales tracking app. Let’s take it for a spin! (more…)

ERP systems, which stands for enterprise-resource planning, are pretty much the heart and soul of every single modern company. They manage virtually every aspect of a business, from the sales and purchasing to the accounting and project management departments. Without them, a company is virtually unable to run smoothly without a massive, unnecessary manual exchange of information. Every single department needs to communicate with one another (for example, the production department of a company would need to know what the projected sales figures are for a particular time period in order to ease planning), and ERP systems make this possible with one unified solution.

The only thing is, ERP systems can be complex and expensive, and would be far beyond the budget of most smaller companies. ERPNext is an interesting ERP web app that takes much of the complexity out of ERP, and is more affordable to boot. Let’s take a look at it and see what ERPNext could mean for businesses looking for a better ERP solution today.


As a freelancer, I do a lot of wheelin’ and dealin’. At any given time I’m managing current projects, writing proposals, trying to close deals, and getting new clients. Depending on how busy I get, this can get very hard to keep up with. While traditional CRMs are great for keeping track of relationships with clients and contacts, sometimes you need a little bit more. Pipedrive aims to provide you with a way not just to manage clients, but a way to manage the overall sales process.


Black Friday is over and Cyber Monday is now drawing to an end—sort of. In typical fashion, retailers will do everything they can to get you to open up your purse or wallet and hand over every last cent. Cyber Monday, however, has really caught on becoming more of an extension to Black Friday than a gimmick.

Although the Cyber Monday isn’t quite over yet (in my time-zone), retailers are already reporting record online sales. Were you a cyber-shopper this Monday?