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Everyone has their favorite blogs but it often can turn into an irritating task to have to manually check each one for new content. Most blog owners tend to equip their blogs with RSS feeds to collate their latest posts for increased accessibility of their content and it’s easy to take advantage of this technology to easily access the freshest content but what if you want everything in one place – maybe from multiple blogs?

This is where feed aggregators come in and Feedingo is a real contender in being one of the best web apps that does the job.


RSS used to be the preferred method of staying up to date on news and for many it still is. With the advent of Twitter, however, RSS has begun what may be a long and slow death. Though I still check my RSS feeds somewhat regularly, Twitter has primarily replaced RSS in my day-to-day workflow.

For those replacing RSS with Twitter but still enjoying a taste of it in their regular schedule, Snackr is a fun way to “resurrect” the older technology.


Thanks to everyone who participated in our Feed My Inbox (FMI) giveaway, generously sponsored by the FMI team! Read inside to see if you’ve won.

Not long ago we also reviewed Feed My Inbox, a great way to receive RSS feeds via email. If you haven’t read the review yet, be sure to take a few minutes to give it a read—RSS to Email with Feed My Inbox.


We recently published a how-to covering Feed My Inbox (FMI)—RSS to Email with Feed My Inbox—which talked about several RSS solutions the web app is capable of. If you need (or want) to receive RSS feeds via email, FMI is a great app to check out.

The FMI team has been generous enough to offer our readers five free lifetime accounts! Read on for more information on entering the Feed My Inbox giveaway.


We’re all pretty much familiar with RSS feeds and most of us probably already use an online reader (or desktop reader). However, there are situations when using an RSS reader just isn’t ideal and email subscription isn’t offered. Feed My Inbox has the solution, allowing you to subscribe via RSS and have those feeds delivered via email either in real-time or on a set schedule.

Feed My Inbox provides solutions to many problems, which we’ll walk through in this how-to.


Google Reader is now getting shut down, and a lot has happened in the world of RSS readers since this article was first published in 2010. Check out our brand-new article on the best apps to replace Google Reader, which has a ton of apps you should try out as well as tips for moving your feeds, favorites, and more to new services.

Using a web-based RSS reader allows you to keep up with your online reading, even as you move from computer to computer. Some even offer mobile versions so that you can keep up to date on your phone. There are a variety of different RSS readers available, with different features that you may find useful.

Here are the top ten web-based RSS readers collected from around the web.


Do you ever scan through your RSS list of feeds and wonder how you could improve on the quality of your subscriptions? If you answered yes, then SuggestRSS is a tool that will be of interest to you.

Okay, we all know most people are doing what they can to trim down the number of feeds in their feed reader. But that doesn’t mean that you don’t have more room for more quality content — you just need to trim the fat. Here’s a good way to do just that and get more from your browsing sessions.


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