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When Google announced that they planned to close Reader on July 1, the online community’s reaction varied from surprised approval, to shocked horror. Google’s decision was based on the flagging number of users who still use feeds in preference to social media.

But as any self-respecting RSS aficionado will know, flicking through your tweets, or browsing your Facebook timeline, isn’t the best way of finding interesting content. Until now, though, there have been very few services providing a halfway house between feeds and social media.

Rockmelt, which was once a socially-orientated web browser, has been reinvented as a social media-based, feed-reading network. But is Rockmelt‘s new course bound for being accepted as a great new way to read the news, or is it heading more in the direction of the doomed FriendFeed? Let’s see.


This week has been very profitable for Oracle at the expense of SAP and tarnished their image by getting them branded pirates, the guys at 4chan found a new chew toy, the Facebook killer is off the ground and you might be sued for using the word “Face” in future.

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Social networks have changed our digital lifestyle. A major chunk of our activities online, like consuming news, multimedia, shopping, recommendations etc., have undergone a paradigm shift thanks to the social web. Links and likes from Facebook and Twitter influence our day to day decisions.

While there are plenty of splendid, free plugins and dedicated apps available for staying on top of the social graph it’s hard to beat the convenience and multi-tasking capability of a web browser. For those of us who think social media plugins are a bloat on system resources, an all new social browser has been unleashed into the interwebs.

Read on for more about RockMelt and how it can enhance your social experience.