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Aside from roaming aimlessly around the streets, the Internet is the most obvious way to find new places to eat, drink and relax. Yelp dominates the directory market in most countries but since 2011 Google have been building up a small acquisition of theirs: Zagat.

Zagat has just relaunched with an all new business model and apps to go along with it. The chic review site gained popularity in wealthy US cities such as San Francisco, New York and Washington DC. Now they’re taking things global by expanding into Europe, with London as their flagship city.

But what makes one jumped up directory site different from the rest? The new Zagat, for one, has added some cool features to embrace online communities and social networking, with quality multimedia content to boot. It’s definitely worth checking out.


One of the things that I absolutely love about tech gadgets and products is that there so many cool things that are out there. So many people have amazing imaginations to make the most simple, yet innovative things for every day life. But, with the rapid pace of life and everything else that gets in the way, how can we stay on top of all of this “awesomeness?”

That is where Mine, a web app that lets you showcase the cool stuff that you buy with others, can really come in handy. We have so many different sites at our disposal to share things, mainly Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and a handful of others, but Mine took snippets of these, and came up with its own way to share things. Let me show you around and you can see what I am talking about.


How many games have you bought based on good reviews and recommendations? One of my favourite games of all time, Portal 2, was bought following a recommendation from a friend, and I’ve bought countless apps on my devices based on reviews I’ve read across the internet. Reviews are a great way of discovering and judging apps and games you’re interested in buying.

However, they are even more important to developers where bad reviews can make or break there game. Reviews play such an important role in a game’s reputation and marketing that a PR firm contracted for the game Duke Nukem Forever threatened to blacklist publications for giving bad reviews to the game. (However, the publisher soon parted ways with the firm due to the scandal.)

Promoter is a web app that can help developers, publishers and PR firms by aggregating mentions and reviews from a wide range of mainstream blogs and sites for a game. This means a user can be left with a timeline of their game’s activity on the web, as well as presenting select reviews with a public page on Promoter.


Imagine a warm forest where you can share things, comment, add favorites and much more. But, what kinds of things would I share? And who would I share them with? Bears and deers?

Forrst is a fantastic place for developers and designers only where you can share snapshots, links, and code snippets with colleagues or friends. Also, you will be able to ask questions publicly and receive answers from your counterparts, or perhaps from a Forrst Ranger.

The concept is pretty similar to Dribbble but you are able to share more than snaps, which gives you a brand new social experience in the web technologies environment.

We’ll take a quick peek at what Forrst has to offer.


The Concept Feedback team was generous enough to offer our readers 3 Mainstream Premium Concepts and 3 Mainstream Private Feedback subscriptions, each of which boast some pretty great features. Here are our six winners!


Just yesterday we took a look at Concept Feedback, an app similar to Dribbble. In our review, which you should checkout, we gave the app a 9/10 with potential to grow and now’s your chance to give this awesome app a try!

The Concept Feedback team was generous enough to offer our readers 3 Mainstream Premium Concepts and 3 Mainstream Private Feedback subscriptions, each of which boast some pretty great features. Entry is simple and this app is most definitely worth trying, so read on for more details.


One critical aspect of design is seeking feedback from external sources. Often times the most obvious design errors or flaws can be overlooked by the original designer. Let another skilled designer take a look at the work and well, as the saying goes, two heads are better than one.

Dribbble, which we recently reviewed, is one great outlet to seek design feedback. Concept Feedback is another contender in this niche market, which takes a different approach, potentially offering quality feedback you might not find via other sites.

We’ll take a look at Concept Feedback and offer our thoughts on what this service has to offer.