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Dune II: The Building of a Dynasty birthed an entire genre of video games. It wasn’t the first real-time-strategy game, but it standardized the formula and set the foundations that future titles such as Command and Conquer, Starcraft, and even RTS/role-playing hybrid Defense of the Ancients were built upon. Why the history lesson, and what does this have to do with Web.AppStorm? You can now play the RTS progenitor online, in your web browser.

Dune 2 Online faithfully reproduces the groundbreaking classic, which remains just as addictive as it always was. Some aspects of the game have aged terribly, but judging from my time with the port it’s far more accessible than the typical RTS on the market today. Now let’s go over what made it great in 1992, and how well it transitions to the browser in 2012.


Have you ever wanted to play god to a tribe of virtual people? Veteran game designer Peter Molyneux created a genre focused on just that in 1989 with Populous for Amiga, DOS, and a bunch of other platforms. Populous turned out to be one of the most influential games of all time, mixing terraforming, strategy, tiny autonomous people, warfare, and godly power-wielding unlike anyone before (and few after).

Reprisal, a free web game (with paid desktop versions), recreates Populous for a modern audience. More homage than clone, despite the obvious similarities, it’s fantastic proof that a 23 year old idea can still be fun, addictive, and fresh. There’s catchy chip tunes music, 30 levels, a separate Skirmish mode, and cool pseudo-retro graphics that simultaneously bring nostalgia and a wow factor. (more…)

Arcade games are so much fun. Their charm lies in the simple game play and quirky sound effects. Lots of popular and classic games from the arcade era are now available online, either in their original format or closely designed variants. While popular games like Super Mario are available online for free, they are not completely legal.

After the jump, you’ll find 10 great, fun arcade games that are free to play and available legally.

Top 10 Gaming Series: This is the third in a series of roundups covering the top 10 games in several different categories. Look forward to several more in the weeks to come and submit games you’d love to see listed!

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