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It almost seems that it’s more difficult to get a job than it is to do the job once you’ve been hired. One of the most frustrating things about trying to get a job is polishing your resume. You have to go through and think of all the jobs you’ve had, list any important details about your accomplishments and skills, then get it looking presentable. When you’re stressed over trying to find a job, that’s far from an easy task to undertake.

Resumonk is a new web app that helps you create the perfect resume, with the content you need laid out in a beautiful design. Resumonk takes over all formatting of your resume, allowing you to work on the content for your resume. Since you won’t have to worry about turning your info into a high-quality document, you can just devote all of your time and energy to making your resume the best it can be.


Those who have searched for a job will know how tough it is to get the right one, if you can find one at all. You will have to be able to market yourself to the prospective employer, and customizing your skills and appealing to different corporate environments can be grueling at best. But even before you can get a face time with the bossman, there is a major hurdle you will have to get across – creating a resume.

Resumes get you a seat at the table, and are your first chance to make an impression on a potential employer (or at least their HR department). It isn’t a breeze to create a decent looking one, though, let alone an impressive one. There will always be a vital detail that has gone missing or hasn’t been highlighted prominently, and it’s so easy for your resume to look like just another plain vanilla piece of paper.

Resumebaking is a web app that promises to create you a winning resume. It’s time to check that claim for ourselves. Ready to brush up your resume? Follow along and see if Resumebaking can simplify the task.