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Ever made a goal, and then quit even trying on it after a few days? Most of us have done exactly that. Whether we’re trying to give up a bad habit or pick up a new one, to do something more or stop doing something so often, it’s incredibly hard to change our ways. For all of us. We need a bit more encouragement to actually stick with it.

Say you want to go running every day. You could chain yourself down to your treadmill, but that wouldn’t help you very much. How about creating a mental chain to remind yourself of the number of days you’ve kept your commitment, which will make you not want to break that chain of commitment? That’s what is for. It’s a simple yet nicely designed web app to help you stay motivated by seeing how long you’ve kept at your commitments.


It’s that time of year .. we all have some sort of resolution, and I’m sure there’s some statistic out there that shows the overwhelming number of folks who pledge to eat better, or diet, or cut back on sugar or some sort of food-related resolution. Striking out on your own with just the general goal of “eating better” is a treacherous route and probably not all that attainable. Maybe you’ve been a little more concrete in your resolution, pledging to cut back on processed foods, or eat more organic produce.

If that’s the situation you find yourself in, is the app for you! This app tracks your meals, but instead of focusing on the number of calories you’re taking in, it lets you focus on certain goals, a few of which are cutting back on processed foods and eating more organic produce. If you’re interested in goals for healthy eating, keep on reading.