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Have you ever wanted to play god to a tribe of virtual people? Veteran game designer Peter Molyneux created a genre focused on just that in 1989 with Populous for Amiga, DOS, and a bunch of other platforms. Populous turned out to be one of the most influential games of all time, mixing terraforming, strategy, tiny autonomous people, warfare, and godly power-wielding unlike anyone before (and few after).

Reprisal, a free web game (with paid desktop versions), recreates Populous for a modern audience. More homage than clone, despite the obvious similarities, it’s fantastic proof that a 23 year old idea can still be fun, addictive, and fresh. There’s catchy chip tunes music, 30 levels, a separate Skirmish mode, and cool pseudo-retro graphics that simultaneously bring nostalgia and a wow factor. (more…)