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One of the things that I hate the most is when I am working on a document for work at home and I forget to put it Dropbox. Then I go to work and realize that I don’t have the document I’d worked half the night on, and now I cannot get the document that I need because it is on my home computer. I am not sure if this happens to you or not, but man, this just frustrates me to no end.

I know there are many ways for me to not forget my document on my home computer, but I stumbled upon something a couple of weeks ago and I had no idea it even existed. This is called the Chrome Remote Desktop, and yes, it is part of Google Chrome (well, with the addition of a small extension). I thought to myself, “Google made a remote desktop app and  how did I not know about this?” I just had to try it out to see it for myself.


File management is key to productivity and collaboration in an organization. Employees can always share files via email, the most common of the methods. However, the inability to send larger file sizes and handling different versions cannot be done with email. That’s when a centralized file management app comes into picture. Upload all files of importance to a server and grant role-based access to them.

Mollify, a fantastic file management tool can help solve all of your woes when it comes to hosting files and images on a remote server. Let’s look at how to install Mollify and serve out files for remote downloads.


Among other things, remote access of a computer is primarily used for accessing files or to provide support and maintenance. Even the age of the cloud, it might be against the policy of your company to store and retrieve official documents from third party servers. Alternatively, decent remote access apps always transmit data over a heavily encrypted SSL connection.

The ever growing number of computers in homes and offices make it difficult for IT experts to visit the site to offer support. Remote tech support apps have become so sophisticated these days, unless there is a hardware issue valuable man hours of the network team can be saved. For those who are looking to implement remote access and support in their home or office, we have compiled a list of web apps after the fold.


Remote teams are becoming more common everyday. And when you have various team members in locations around the world, there is a need for a common location to share your work. That’s where a tool like OneHub comes in.

Three lucky people today are going to be able to give their team a boost with a one year membership to this collaboration tool.