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Facebook today announced that it has prepared a fresh and more focused News Feed for its users. The updated design will include the usual timelines, along with four new ones: All Friends, Photos, Music, and Following. With this upcoming redesign, the social network hopes to make your online experience much simpler — it wants to be the social nucleus that you’ve been waiting for.

With that promise, it has a chance to win back users who left over the privacy complications and overall clutter the site has gathered over time. Is this audacious overhaul enough? (more…)

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past few years, you’ll have heard of Basecamp being described as the project management app to rule them all. Built from the ground up in 2004 to help users complete projects without getting in their way, 37signals‘ Basecamp has been a runaway success. It has become the weapon of choice for software companies, universities, design agencies, freelancers and everyone in between, because it did one thing well: helping teams work together on projects. Since then it has helped manage over 8 million projects.

Having learned a few things along the way, the team behind Basecamp gave it a fresh coat of paint and a few tweaks under the hood. Naturally, as users (and ardent fans) of this wonderful app, we just had to take a closer look. I went ahead and signed up for the trial to create a new project and kick the tyres on this redesign. Hop in and let’s take a ride through some of the major updates to Basecamp.


Facebook held a keynote at their f8 conference yesterday, demonstrating a bunch of new stuff, most importantly Timeline, the new face for profiles. Timeline is changing Facebook’s approach to user-centric pages drastically. It’s concentrating on showing a view of a person’s life, as shared through Facebook and a bunch of associated apps. I’ve been playing with the developer release of Timeline since it was announced, and have got to say, I love it!

The design changes Facebook is currently undergoing are fantastic, and look great on the site, but we shouldn’t forget the humble, dorm-based beginnings of the world’s largest social network. As the company has grown with more and more (and more and more and more) members, the design has seen many refinements. We’re going to have a look at it’s design timeline today, to get a glimpse of where it started and where it’s headed, at least for now.


Google’s always had a minimalist design, one of the simplest designs on the web. And for the most visited website in the world, that’s provided a very user-friendly approach making searching somewhat of a breeze. The problem is, Google is no longer about search since, with the arrival of a plethora of additional services, that part of Google’s business has become so much less significant.

As Google has added new products, services and apps, they’ve featured their own unique interface so, while the main search page became refined, the other sites got left behind. However, Google has recently started a full, unified redesign process across their sites connecting them all up with similar design trends: a modern, minimalist red and white scheme.