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I, like many others, enjoy cooking, especially when I’ve got the time (and patience) to work up something magical in the kitchen department. It’s something that helps take my mind off other things and the results are (mostly) very good! Cooking is a mixture of own knowledge as well as some improvisation thrown in, and you don’t necessarily have to be able to follow a cookbook to be able to cook.

But if you are just starting out cooking, or you can’t be bothered (or you don’t trust yourself) to rustle something up from the leftovers in the fridge, then you’ll need a cookbook. There is one problem with this, though. Go into your local bookshop and just look at the range available. It is almost impossible to distinguish between them, and the choice available is enough to give some people a headache. Your next solution is to turn to the internet, but there is still a mind-boggling array of recipe websites. Searching for “recipe” on Google yields a staggering 735 million results! What you want is a simple, easy-to-use website along with simple, easy-to-cook recipes to match.