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The Mac.AppStorm team has done a great job over the past weeks rounding up the best in Mac news, giving our readers a great way to catch up on what’s happening in the world of Mac apps without having to stay glued to dozens of rumor sites. There’s been enough interesting web app news this week, I thought we could do the same thing over here at Web.AppStorm.

So, here’s a quick summary of the past weeks’ biggest web app news for your reading pleasure. We likely won’t do these posts weekly, but if you find it informative and enjoyable, I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments at the end of the post!


Almost all of us begin our day online with a search, most likely in Google, for something specific or a closest possible keyword and took it from there. This is more like a rinse and repeat process that happens multiple times a day (or hour, depending upon your profession). Do you get relevant results? Yes. Are you overwhelmed by the volume of information you have to process before finding what you are looking for? Absolutely!

While a lot of startups try to fine tune the search results in their quest to get a share of big advertising bucks, there’s hardly any innovation in the way search results are displayed. Google does a great a job from time to time, tweaking the search results page, adding real-time streams, search previews etc. Still, nobody has nailed the presentation like Qwiki has. Follow me after the jump to get a glimpse of the innovative information experience.