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Qvivo is a name already known for their beautifully designed desktop app. The Mac/Windows app has been out for a while and allows users to compile all of their media into impeccably designed libraries. The app makes for simple and attractive media consumption. Qvivo has capitalized on the success of their desktop software over the past year, releasing a web app, iOS apps and a cloud syncing service.

In this article I’ll take a much closer look at the features of their web app. I’ll also investigate their cloud service and try out their other apps to see how well they all integrate. It seems like a pretty interesting app/service so stick with me after the jump to learn more about Qvivo and how well it works.


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In this Quick Look, we’re highlighting QVIVO. The developer describes QVIVO as QVIVO is a social media center app making your entire media collection available on any device, all organized and in sync via the QVIVO Cloud.

QVIVO automatically imports your movie, TV and music files from around your home into beautiful libraries, complete with covers, trailers and even subtitles. All media files, iTunes libraries and playlists added to one QVIVO device shows up on all of them.

Read on for more information and screenshots!