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So you’ve got a great idea for a new app. You pull out some napkins or open a drawing app on your phone, and sketch out some rough ideas. Your next hit app is already taking shape, and in your mind’s eye, you can see it running in action. You can see yourself looking over people’s shoulders at coffee shops and smiling, knowing they’re using your app. But first, you’ve got to make sure you’re not the only one thinking your design makes sense. And shuffling through random pictures or napkin drawings isn’t the best way for people to get a feel for how an app will work.

What you need is a simple way to turn your images into a clickable demo that feels like using a real app, without you needing to write a single line of code. Solidify is a new private release app from ZURB that makes this as easy as uploading your images, adding clickable areas, and sharing a link. Now, even snapshots of your napkin-drawn app ideas could become live demos!


Nowadays, designers sometimes spend so much time trying to get their work reviewed by clients and colleagues – whilst in progress – that they forget about the most important thing: the design. In the age of technology, there’s an app for overcoming almost every problem and making everything so much easier.

Mocksup is just one of those. It gives every designer the tools needed to share their designs with those who matter most, track progress and even more. Find out more after the fold.