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The world of project management web apps has changed over the past few years. We’ve gone from apps filled with tabs of features to basic to-do list apps. You can get everything in one cluttered package, or opt for a basic app that won’t cover everything you need.

Or, you could opt for the just-released Projecturf 4. One of the project management apps with both the most features and the most advanced design, Projecturf was a stylish project management web app we loved when we first reviewed it 3 years ago. But rather than rest on their laurels, the Projecturf team set out 18 months ago to fully rewrite their app and turn it into the most modern project management app on the web.

But what exactly would a project management app redesigned for 2013 look like?


Our sponsor this week is Projecturf 4, the upcoming redesign of one of the web’s best project management apps. We gave the original Projecturf a 9/10 in our review two years ago, and with the new features and design, the latest version will be even more of a winner.

As you can see now from the Projecturf 4 site, the new Projecturf has been completely redesigned to make it better than ever. It also has a complete mobile version that will be launched at the same time, so you can use Projecturf anywhere. The new Projecturf is designed to help you work together with your team better, with a stream of updates and a redesigned sidebar to help you find everything easier. It also helps you see your own stuff easier, including tasks, tickets, and events, and lets you manage your own personal tasks unrelated to projects. That way, you can keep track of your own tasks, notes, contacts, and events on your own, as well as keep up with everything that’s going on with your team.

The new Projecturf will help you work better with the services you already use. It includes Dropbox support for syncing files, and has an upcoming API to let you integrate it with your own apps. It’s also multilingual, and will include support for two languages when its launched. Combine that with an easy-to-use, intuitive interface that works full-screen and lets you drag-and-drop files and see comments in real-time, and you’ve got an advanced way to keep track of everything going on at your company.

Go Get It!

If you’re as excited to try out the new Projecturf as we are, then you might want to head over to its promo page and enter your email to get updates on when its released. Best of all, the new version is a free upgrade for existing Projecturf users, so if you’re already using the current Projecturf, you can look forward to a great new version later this year.

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Project management used to be rocket science dealt with only by the elite chosen ones of the project’s team. That was like, a decade ago, before the easy peasy desktop apps showed up and after the invasion of online project management apps. It is now possible even for a high school student to get things going.

Projecturf is one such online project management app that has a gamut of features like a Global Dashboard to see project activities, calendar events, tasks, timecards, tickets, code snippets, and bookmarks all in one place. Follow me after the fold for a review of Projecturf.