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I don’t know about you, but I haven’t used Microsoft Office on my desktop in the past year and half. That’s an interesting nugget of information considering the fact that I write for a living and write about 25,000 words a month. So where does all of this writing happen? On a moleskin notebook? No, Google Docs.

Office is Microsoft’s cash cow, a vertical that has seen no real competition for decades. Thanks to Google, your documents have been liberated from the desktop prison and made available anywhere there’s an internet connection. Did I forget to mention the fact that you can edit a document with multiple people from across the globe in real time? Well, I just did.

The slow but steady exodus of its userbase has made Microsoft rethink its strategy and resulted in the launch of After the break let we’ll take a look at how Microsoft Office in the cloud can enhance your productivity.


Developed by Paste Interactive, Paprika is a different kind of project and task management app. Though we’ve reviewed many different task management apps, it’s always a pleasure to review one with a different approach on managing tasks and projects.

Paprika simplifies the process of note, task and project management by making the process of inputting information more natural. Rather than mess with buttons or menus, the app makes it easy to manage your tasks and notes via text based format. To get a better understanding of what this means, read on (with video preview).


When it comes to productivity frameworks, there are always those pesky tasks that can easily fall between the cracks. These are the items that need to be completed on or by a certain day, but not at a specific time.

GTD deals with these tasks with a Tickler file. A set of file folders that is broken down by month and day, and you simply place some sort of reminder on the day it will be needed.


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