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In this digital age, it’s more and more difficult to keep your information under wraps. Upload an album of your photos on Facebook, and people start tagging others in them, and soon, everyone is commenting on everything. And then there are those file size or resolution restrictions that auto-downscale your beautiful images. Upload videos to YouTube and even if you’ve kept the link invisible to search engines, it somehow finds its way to others. Dropbox isn’t the ideal solution when the people you are sharing the photos with aren’t using the cloud storage service. And the old practice of simply emailing your photos to friends and family is quite difficult given the attachment limits in most email service providers.

Privacy, it seems, comes at a premium on the information highway. How do you just send a bunch of photos, all hosted on the cloud and kept there safely, to your friends without anyone else being able to see them? Enter Kicksend! (more…)