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We’re used to privacy and security scandals in this day and age. Sony, of course, recently leaked millions of users’ data (including credit card details) from their PlayStation Network just after Apple and Google were accused of tracking their users’ location. In recent years, we’ve come to expect that our data might get leaked at sometime in our online career. The latest revelation, however, comes from Chrome – and it’s accompanying web application store.

The Chrome Web Store was silently purged of two applications recently, both flash-based Super Mario games that were reported to have access to your browsing history, bookmarks and other website data. (more…)

Back in the day, we all used AltaVista or Yahoo! to find everything we needed on the Internet. It was slow and often didn’t find what we were looking for, but hey, it was all we had. Then Google came along, and blew us away at how much faster and better search could really be. We switched, and never looked back.

So isn’t Google good enough? Do we really need another search engine, let alone one named after a game? Let’s take a closer look at today’s search market and what DuckDuckGo has to offer that might make you want to switch. (more…)

Over the past few months, there’s been a lot of buzz about Facebook and the amount of privacy they’re giving us and our profiles. How much of our data do 3rd party developers have access to? What can our friends share about us without us knowing? What information is going to other websites? I’ll answer those questions and tell you how to protect your information the best you can while using Facebook.


If you’re a Facebook user, you’re likely to know about the shady privacy practices the social network giant has developed a strong reputation for. For many the poor handling of people’s privacy has caused many to see alternatives (see our 6 Alternatives to Facebook). Currently, however, no other social network stacks up to Facebook, which is a network many won’t leave simply due to the number of family or friends that have finally joined the social networking world.

Recently Facebook held several meetings regarding privacy concerns, finally admitting they had gone too far. They’re now in the process of rolling out new privacy features to simplify the overwhelmingly complex system previously used. The new controls may not be available in your account just yet, but they’re on their way.

This how-to will take a look at using Facebook’s new privacy controls and whether or not they’re enough to put Facebook back on an acceptable privacy path.


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