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Google always seems to be releasing new apps or app updates but in the last few days they’ve released quite a few goodies, and pretty big ones at that. The long awaited Chrome Web Store is finally here, more details on Chrome OS and Google’s testing laptops were released and google released Cloud Print connecting printers to the cloud.

That’s not all Google has released in the last few days but these are pretty big ones. Read on for more details on these Google goodies.


Generally web developers are supposed to create a print friendly stylesheet for their website(s) in case visitors actually want or need to print something out. Unfortunately, this is often skipped by developers leaving a large majority of websites in a very sad state when printed. Of course, the content of a website may determine the importance of a print stylesheet. makes it super easy to clean up websites for better printing so they not only look better but save on ink and paper. Today I’ll walk through a quick how-to on using PrintWhatYouLike and their browser bookmarklet.