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Web app users are a notoriously frugal bunch. Google, Facebook, and other web app behemoths have gotten us used to all web apps being free. It’s not just apps, either: news sites and more are struggling to make their businesses work after giving away their content for ad-driven pageviews. Many people seem amazed that downloaded apps, books, music, and more can actually cost, since they’re so used to the internet being full of free content and tools.

Free’s not bad; we’ve all benefited from free apps and services, and AppStorm itself is built on a number of free tools. Often, though, quality is worth paying for. Here’s some of the best reasons to pay for apps that you rely on.


Nobody likes paying more than they have to for things, it’s a known fact. When you’re buying online, you’ve always got the added convenience of being able to simply choose a store and order it from thereā€”a blessing not present when you’re trying to rush through actual shops to find the best deal. When you’re not buying online, you’ve got the added disadvantage of buying something only to wander into another store to find it for half that price but even if you are purchasing from an e-store, you can easily make this mistake too if you don’t have the right know-how.

This is where ZingSale comes in to solve just that problem for the virtual world. It allows you to easily and quickly find products you’re interested in purchasing soon, setting up alerts and then being notified every time the product lowers in price.