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Along with spreadsheets, presentations are one of the main “attractions” of the corporate-style workplace (warning: sarcasm). These multimedia productions should be engaging, but sadly, few of us have the presence of delivery, nor the content, to provide something truly compelling for the audience.

And then there’s the start-to-end in-computer construction and delivery of a presentation, which can often be a struggle — magnified, if you need to collaborate with colleagues. Within a team, the collection and organization of the required media can be a stilted process if you are working remotely, and getting the finished product to function properly anywhere outside of your chosen native software is often the cause of much frustration.

Bunkr is a new web-based platform which is hoping to ease most of these presentation-related pains. The French startup aims to provide all the tools needed to create your slideshow, from the cherry-picking of content, right through to the publication of your masterpiece in browser-friendly HTML5. But can one cloud-based service really offer the all-round game to make presentations easy?


Tablets are being used in all industries for a variety of well-deserved reasons, including in consumer-facing businesses which can utilise the interactivity that a tablet could provide to present information to customers. However, the expense of time, money and resources has always been set fairly high, perhaps high enough to push businesses away from the idea or to simply block them off from being able to even think about doing so.

That’s where Showcase Workshop comes in, a web app all about creating interactive presentations and then distributing them amongst your organisation. Let’s take a look. (more…)

The web has opened doors for many ways to share content. Up until a few years ago, when one gave a presentation and wanted others to see a visual, they had to have a projector. It was just a given. Now, though, with most people carrying an internet connected phone or tablet around these days, a projector is hardly a necessity. is an app that’s actively trying to help make projectors less needed, in the board room, classroom, and anywhere else. If you remember, a while back I reviewed Canvas Dropr, an app from the same people who created this web app. The two apps have some similarities, but is a somewhat stripped down version of Canvas Dropr designed just to present ideas, speeches, and anything else you want to show to others. Let’s take it for a spin to see how it works and how it can possibly benefit you.


One of the great things about the internet is that it’s creating new ways for us to express ourselves. From social networks to blogs, videos, presentations and streaming services, there’s something for every personal and professional need. And it’s becoming increasingly easy to share our feelings, thoughts and ideas. Now, there’s a new app in town that wants to bring all these forms together – and it’s called Tumblecloud.

Tumblecloud allows you to tell your stories using text, photos, videos and audio. And you don’t have to rely on your own media files alone – you can find and use assets shared by members of the community and create something compelling, be it a story about your recent travels, an engaging product presentation, an enhanced photo slideshow, coverage of a milestone like a birthday or anniversary, or a multimedia blog post.


If you deal with presentations on a regular basis, you’re likely familiar with PowerPoint or maybe even Google’s Presentation web app. There are advantages to both desktop and web-based presentation apps, but one web app that may close the gap even further is 280 Slides.

280 Slides is a free and simply beautiful presentation web application that may offer the features and interface presenters need in order to ditch the old desktop alternative. Read more about 280 Slides after the jump, with a quick video preview.