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If you’ve ever had a Posterous blog, you’ve got a project that you really need to take on this week: moving your Posterous blog to a new home. Posterous closes down for good on Tuesday, April 30th, so you’ve got 3 days to get your stuff. 3 days.

After that, everything you’ve ever put in Posterous will be gone. Boom! Whether you’ve been using Posterous until recently, or perhaps — like me — tried it out years ago and totally forgot you had a blog in Posterous, you’d better at the very least backup your Posterous data so it doesn’t get deleted, and if you want to keep it online, you need to find it a new home.

Don’t worry: you can backup and move your Posterous site in less than 15 minutes. I’m sure you can find that much time this weekend. So come on. Here’s what you need to save your Posterous site before it’s too late.


Posterous is getting shut down in just a couple weeks, so if your blog is still on Posterous, it’s time to find it a new home. The good thing is, there’s lots of options today. WordPress is one obvious solution, since you can import Posterous sites directly into both blogs or WordPress on your own server. Many other blogging tools have import tools, too, including Tumblr, Squarespace, and my personal favorite, Kirby.

The most Posterous-like option, though, might be Posthaven, a brand new blogging service started by Posterous co-founder Garry Tan. We interviewed Garry about Posthaven last month, and now that the service is open to the public, let’s take it for a spin and see if it’s the perfect new home for your old Posterous blog — or perhaps for a brand-new blog.


In a story that’s sadly common in the world of startups – especially web app startups, it seems – Twitter recently announced that they’re shutting down Posterous, little more than a year after they bought out Posterous. If you’ve been blogging on Posterous, it’s time to find a new place for your site before it’s shut down on April 30th.

One team is trying their best to make a great place for Posterous sites before they’re shut down for good: Posthaven. Started by two former cofounders of Posterous, Posthaven aims to let the blogging dream sparked by Posterous live on, only this time with a $5/month service that pledges to never shut down.

We caught up with Garry Tan, and were able to talk with him about Posterous, Posthaven, and their plans for the future. It’s quite the interesting interview!


Blogging tools are getting more sophisticated and feature rich every few months or so. Platforms like WordPress have so many features they’ve stopped being blogging platforms and transformed into Content Management Systems. Even Tumblr has a learning curve. For an average user with or without the knowledge of technology, so many features means added complexity.

Interested in care free blogging that just works? You should definitely check out Posterous then. All you need to you know is how to send an email and Posterous will make you a blogger!


Last week was a great one for data lovers who were waiting for a bird’s eye view of 2010 as it comes to a close. Google and Twitter published the trends they’ve spotted based on user engagement at their sites, Bing tweaked flight travel search, Hunch lent a helping hand to find gifts, Chrome crossed 10,000 extensions and Posterous launched groups.

Read on for some of this week’s best web app news and updates you might’ve missed!


In the past few years, self publishing on the Internet has come a long way. With a number of platforms pioneering easy to use authoring tools and incredibly affordable pricing- click to configure & self hosted – writers can just focus on delivering quality content instead of managing a complex backend.

To make things even more simpler, Posterous jumped the gun by launching self publishing via emails. Type in the content in your favorite text editor or in the email compose window and send mail it to your preset blog email id to get it posted in your blog. Same is the case with images, audio and video. It’s just ridiculously simple. Recently Posterous has opened up the platform for custom themes and let us check out 15 of the very best among the selection.


Last week we looked at some of the better self-publishing tools available today. Today we’re going to take a closer look at how to use one of those tools — blogging is made easy with Posterous.

Because it was designed to primarily be used via email, Posterous is a simple tool to start using. Anyone who can send an email can share thoughts, pictures and music with friends or the general internet public and will be completely at ease with this application. It doesn’t get any easier than that.


The web today isn’t the same web your parents grew up with. Gone are the days of Lolcats and Rickrolls. What’s that you say? … that was 2008. Ah, right. Well, it seems like forever and a day.

Kidding aside, the web transforms at a rapid pace. Daily even. Ten years ago, when everyone was tying up their phone line and using Netscape Navigator, could we really have seen how we would be sharing information the way we do today? Things have even changed greatly since the idea of blogging started to gain momentum.