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Investing in the stock market is equivalent to rocket science: it’s not for novices. But once you get a grasp of the fundamentals and understand the basic tenets of investment (never piggyback, don’t invest with borrowed money etc.), you are good to go. That said, it can still be very difficult to know which stock to invest in, when to buy, and when to sell.

If you plan on investing in stock you should always be on top of the happenings in the verticals you are interested in. Sure, there are plenty of business channels on TV, friendly stock brokers, financial websites etc. But it’s always good to know what your peers are suggesting, in real time. Today, let us take a look at StockTwits, one of the best known financial apps on the Twitter platform.


Some time ago we took a look at Carbonmade, a fantastic portfolio app. It’s been a year since then and Carbonmade has made several great improvements in that time. We’ll take a look at some of Carbonmade’s major milestones and how you can take advantage of this app to show off your work.


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In this Quick Look, we’re highlighting Mixform. The developer describes Mixform as an app for professionally designed portfolios; great for actors, filmmakers and visual artists. Get a free account and create your website, nothing to install.

Read on for more information and screenshots!


There are many different types of web applications now focused on helping you get exposure to your skills or your work. And each may offer a different approach. One that we’ve appreciated in this space is Carbonmade. Constructed to be a blank canvas to show off your work, it’s simple and focused design appeals to me.

If you feel the same way, here’s your chance to win a Whoo membership for one year. We’ve got five to give away today.


We’ve had a lot of coverage on self-promotion of late. Web 2.0 seems focused on just this — whether it’s displaying your work with an app like Carbonmade, publishing your bio on Magntize, or broadcasting your witticisms on Twitter, the modern web seems wholly geared to let others know who you are.

And with so many ways to promote your work and your business, it can be hard to focus your efforts. Let us help by rounding up the top applications for displaying what it is that you do — your work.

(Header image by margolove)


The explosion of web applications in recent times has resulted in numerous ways to promote yourself. Last week we looked at a tool to describe you — but what about your work? A professional web designer may have the ability to create their own portfolio site, but what about the rest of us? Fortunately, there are some great tools available.

One of the best I’ve seen is Carbonmade.


Ever since Tim van Damme created a one page bio all about himself, similar sites have popped up all over. Along with his killer design, Tim listed his services and all his main social contact information. What wasn’t to like?

Not long after this trend was adopted by some great designers, web apps started popping up all over that offered a similar product to us mortals who can’t tell one end of Photoshop from the other. But none delivered an end product close to the quality of what the top designers were creating.

Until now that is.


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