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Online surveys are a drag. Usually, they’re just a series of questions on a drab-looking page that are no fun to answer, and they make you wish you hadn’t agreed to fill out the survey in the first place. That’s probably why market researchers, advertising firms, online stores, and corporations worry about completion rates – if a participant doesn’t finish a survey, the data gathered is often of little or no use for their analysis. So what are your options? You can either spend a lot of time and money building a well-designed survey from scratch, or you can try PopSurvey.

PopSurvey helps you create beautiful surveys that people will want to complete. The app makes it easy to build surveys, analyze results and promote your surveys. It’s currently available with a number of plans to suit your needs, including a free one and is great for getting started with conducting surveys. But will PopSurvey meet your requirements? Let’s test-drive it to find out.