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The Christmas season provides us with plenty of “Kodak Moments”: the kids with grandma and grandpa, someone eating fruitcake, mistletoe disasters. Odds are, though, your “Kodak Moments” now are captured on your smartphone, digital camera, or possibly even tablet, and they’re likely never printed out on paper. We used to wait for weeks to get that great shot of the whole family together from relatives on the other side of the country. Now, we’re tagging people in pictures on Facebook before we’ve even said goodbye.

There’s zillions of ways you can send pictures to others nowadays. You could email your three hundred huge 10 megapixel shots, but everyone going to hate you for the whole next year. You could post them on Twitter or Facebook, upload them to Flickr, or blog them on your own site. You could tweak them with Instagram or your favorite photo app, and share them through specialty networks. You could even share a whole Dropbox folder with all of your family and friends, so everyone gets everyone’s best shots.

What’s your favorite way to share pictures? I’m personally most likely to upload files to and then share the links on my social networks and via email for those family members not on Facebook. For bigger events, sharing a Dropbox folder is my favorite option whenever possible. I still don’t use Instagram and other photo apps much, but that might be due to my smart device being a 3rd gen iPod Touch without a camera. So how do you usually share pictures, and do you plan to change anything in sharing pictures this holiday season?

Camera icon by MugenB16

The proliferation of social networking sites has turned the Internet into a lightning-speed conduit that transmits stream of social data in real-time. We share fragments of our daily lives with a virtual circle of friends in Facebook or Twitter, or perhaps in the brand new Google+. Last.Fm and Imeem lets us create playlists and share them with our friends. We put together galleries of captivating images and share them in Flickr.

The lack of appealing mobile photo sharing features from these social services has attracted a number of tech entrepreneurs to create a mirage of social photo sharing services. There has been a boom in iPhone-only photo sharing apps, such as Instagram and Path, that want to capitalize on the ever-improving mobile camera. PicPlz exist in the same ecosystem, but instead of just providing services to iPhone users, PicPlz aims to become a full-fledged photo sharing service. PicPlz is not an iPhone-only app. Instead, it’s a photo sharing service that lets you share stylish pictures from your iPhone, Android device, or directly from your browser.


Thanks to camera equipped mobile phones and cheap cameras, we’re literally flooded with pictures, both online and offline. Pictures speak a thousand words, but, at times, you might have to add a couple of words of your own to make them perfect. A funny crown or a tail or horns can liven up the images when shared with friends and peers.

It would be lot more fun if you could share the goofy image manipulation you’ve done of a popular celebrity or see a few created by someone like you. Founded by the uber popular meme creating legend Moot of 4chan, Canvas is a fun app that helps you share and play with images.


Social networks have made sharing so much fun. Sharing images in particular has never been so easy. Just upload your images and they’re up for all your friends and family to see. The icing on the cake is that most of these services are free. Photo sharing is an integral part of all social networks and given the public craze towards sharing images, dedicated social networks have popped up focusing only on sharing pictures.

DailyBooth is a popular social network centered around pictures. Interested in learning how interesting it turned out to be?


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