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As much as I love using iPhoto to create photo slideshows of our family, I tend to like web or mobile apps that can do the same thing. It tends to be much easier to create a quick slideshow and share it with friends and family from them, without having to upload a large video. There are a handful of web and mobile apps that help you create video slideshows, ranging from the extremely full-featured to the quick and simple ones with few features to fuss with.

Evver, which is a web app that falls into the second category is one that I am going to be looking at today. They are brand new, so they are not as full featured as some of the other photo slideshow apps that are out there. But, that doesn’t mean that it can’t serve a purpose for people. Let’s take a look at it’s features and see what it can do.


I’ve been using the Flickr app for iPhone since it was revamped, and occasionally dumping a batch of photos onto my user profile. But until recently, I’ve been waiting to see what comes next with Yahoo’s social photo platform. And as I branch out my own small business out to include professional photography, I wanted to pay close attention.

With its recent update to Flickr, Yahoo went out of its way to completely overhaul Flickr’s design. It’s exactly what I was waiting for. Does it have what it takes to compete with other offerings like 500px? Read on for my thoughts.


For me, family is very important, and I was raised to always think of them first. Well, now that I have a family of my own, the term has taken on a whole new meaning. With my son growing and growing and with my family thousands of miles away, it makes it hard for me to share with them all of the funny and cute moments of his life. We have tried a couple of different avenues to make this happen. We tried to get my parents onto Facebook, but that was short lived. Then we tried to set up a website, which works decently well, but privacy was an issue.

That is why Origami was very intriguing when I first read about it. It is a platform that caters toward sharing your memories with your family members and just your family members. For the past few days I have been testing it out and I have to say I really like it and I look forward to using this with my family.


The holidays are fast approaching, and that means photos aplenty. Whether you’re going on vacation or hosting family and friends, most folks end up getting a lot of mileage out of their cameras around this time of year. Now’s also a great time to get hold of and get used to a quality photo editing app, so that you can enhance your pictures for sharing online or adding to greeting cards, postcards and gifts. And that’s why we’re checking out PhotoCat.

Loaded with simple editing tools and a range of extra features perfect for adding fun and cheer to photos, this new app is perfect for home users young and old. And those of you who’re celebrating Christmas are in for a real treat, as PhotoCat has a bunch of special yuletide effects and decorations to play with! Let’s see how easy it is to edit our photos with this new kid on the block, and how it stacks up against the competition.


Instagram was one of those iPhone apps that was easy to use, gave you a way to share your precious moments with others, and quickly gathered an impressive fan base that couldn’t quit sharing their love for the app. In fact, just last April, Instagram was so hot, that Facebook decided to buy the company for $1 billion. Now talk about a pay day; that is unbelievable for company that just produced a simple camera app for the iPhone.

But, if you are an avid Instagram user, you always knew that something was missing. The fact that they made it so hard for you to access your pics on the web and to interact and see other friend’s Instagram photos was just a little strange to me. Before they sold to Facebook, I had always thought that they were sitting on a gold mine if they could successfully launch the web side of their app. Well, the day has finally arrived when we can now look at our pics online and have the ability to interact with others. I want to briefly show you around the new profiles on the web as well as talk about what could possibly lie ahead for the future of this app.


If your computer doesn’t have a built-in webcam app, your camera might sit there unused, even when it could have a ton of fun potential. For Mac and iOS users, this has always been pretty easy, since they can use the Photobooth app to quickly take all the fun pictures you like. Windows 8 now has a built-in camera app, but for everyone else, you’ll have to go searching for another app.

In an age when the web possesses everything we would ever need, you probably could of guessed there was some kind of alternative online. Snappic is an app which definitely fits the bill. Acting as a Photobooth in your browser, Snippic could soon become a party favourite!


Ever since our son was born about a year and a half ago, I have been making and preserving memories as best as I can. I take way too many pictures and videos, write down all of his milestones, and share them on Facebook and Twitter. Trust me, if you follow me on either network, you know exactly what I am talking about. But one thing that I am not the best at is being able to take all of these memories and put them in one place where family and friends can go to stay up to date on our son.

Last week I came across Irrive, an app that takes your social networks and turns them into scrapbooks to help you preserve your memories. After getting to play with Irrive for a little bit, I got really excited for the potential of this app and how easy it was to use to create a scrapbook of all my favorite memories, using the apps that I already use to document my life. It is kind of like a digital version of scrapbooking, but less time consuming than the actual version, which for someone like me is a win my book. Lets take a look around this app and how it works. (more…)

If you have kids, you can probably relate to my dilema of the fact that I have a ton of photos of my kid and not a convenient place to store them. There are many options out there, like putting them on an external drive, uploading to the cloud, burning them onto DVD’s. All of these options have good things about them and bad.

One solution that has always intrigued me is cloud storage for photos. The nice part about this solution is that you don’t have to worry about drives breaking or losing DVDs. It also saves you from having to worry about precious hard drive space on your computer. There are a variety of cloud services that you can use and I had the opportunity to test out one called ThisLife for the past couple of weeks. I have to say, I haven’t seen a cloud service like it and I was impressed.


“A picture is worth a thousand words”, or so the saying goes. It really does turn out to seem true much of the time. A picture can often tell the story of something without any words being said. The problem is, those “thousand words” are in the eyes of the beholder and not necessarily the words that the picture taker meant for the actual photo.

What you need is a way to put your voice behind your pictures, and Story Wheel is a unique web app designed just for that. It can give the photographer so they can really tell the unique story behind the picture. It’s an intriguing concept that could just be the next best way to share your pictures rather than just putting them in a photo gallery.


Slideshows are a great way to showcase images on digital displays. Whether it’s a collection of old family photos, snapshots from my last vacation, or even my portfolio of professional photography, I always try to put together a picture slideshow for my audience.When the images advance in sequence by themselves, the viewer is less distracted and can take in the message that each picture is conveying, since they don’t have to click or flip through them manually.

It’s easy to put together a slideshow on your PC or Mac, and most webmasters with some coding experience can put together a slideshow with JavaScript and jQuery modules without much of a fuss. But what if you’re not a web developer and need to share pictures online with friends and family? Well, you can try SlideMyPics. It’s a great little app that allows you to gather up your photos that are already online and create an elegant slideshow that you can share easily or even embed in your blog. Let’s make a few slideshows and see how well this app works, shall we?


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