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If you’ve been looking for a simple way to edit photos online, then you’ll want to check out Photo Zoe, our sponsor this week. Powered by Aviary’s photo editor, it’s the easiest way to use Aviary’s features to edit your photos in your browser now that Aviary has shut down their own online photo editing app.

Photo Zoe is easy to use. Just upload your picture, then click the Edit button in the top to see all of the editing options. You can then enhance your photo, adjust its brightness, contrast, and sharpness, tweak it with Instagram-style effects, add stickers, frames, and captions, and more. Need to crop, rotate, or resize your picture? You can do that, too.

When you’re done, save your photo and close the editor pop-over. Then, just click the Download Photo button to save your creation to your computer. It’s just about as easy as editing your picture with a native app on your computer.

Go Try Photo Zoe!

It’s not the next Photoshop, but Photo Zoe is a great way to quickly enhance your photos online for free. If you loved Aviary’s quick photo editor, then you’ll have to give Photo Zoe a try.

And if the black background doesn’t suit your tastes, check the About page for a bonus extra theme!

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