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There’s still plenty of online image editors, even though Aviary and Picnik have closed up shop. When you need a quick way to edit images, and don’t have Photoshop or other photo editors on your computer, web apps can sure come in handy, and it’s great there’s still a selection of them. If you are a regular reader of Web.AppStorm, you know we have covered tools like Pixlr and Photo Raster in past for simple online photo edits.

This week, though we’ve got a more advanced app to put through the paces: Picozu. After the break, we’ll see what makes it great and if it’s the photo editor you should try for your online edits.


It’s been said that the world would be a better place if everybody knew how to edit their photos. Okay, fine, I just made that up. But it’s true, though — images are so much a part of our digital lives that being able to post quality pictures has become a necessary skill. And with the wide range of easy-to-use imaging apps available for every platform, there’s really no excuse for using poor, boring images anymore.

Today we’re taking a look at a new player in the editing game, and it’s called Fotor. With its array of tools and effects, this app offers plenty of scope for adding a creative touch to your shots. And while it’s simple enough for novices to get into, Fotor is also a great option for those familiar with photography, to work quickly with images wherever they are. Let’s dive in!


Image editing used to be a challenge for home users – whether you need to remove a blemish from a person’s face, add a little character to a street scene or boost the colors on your vacation photos before printing – but apps like Picasa, Adobe Photoshop Elements, Pixelmator and even those bundled with cameras have helped a great deal.

However, as something of a shutterbug I’ve used a large number of these and couldn’t find anything that hit the sweet spot of usability, features, quality editing tools and effects, and fun (yes, apps can be fun if they’re built well) – until I came across PicMonkey. This great new app allows you to work on your photos using a ton of tools, has enough effects to make Instagram regulars drool, and is dead-simple to use. Is this your next photo editing suite? Let’s try it to find out. (more…)

The ability to edit images and photographs directly from your web browser is a wonderful thing, whether the ability serves as a simple alternative to more costly desktop software or a solution for when you’re away from your computer. There are a number of different apps available with a variety of specialties. This review will focus on Sumo Paint, a browser based image and photo editing tool.

Sumo Paint provides a great feature set with tools ranging from basic shapes to advanced painting tools. Unlike most other other online graphics editing apps, Sumo Paint also has a burgeoning online community. It’s far from a new app, but it’s one of the internet standbys that come up in every list of great web apps. Whether you’ve never used it before or have tried it out in the past but haven’t used all of its features, it’s a great web app to learn more about. Keep reading to see why Sumo Paint is a web app you should try out.


iPhone users around the world love Instagram – the photo sharing app that allows you to add cool effects to your pictures before showing them off to the world. The effects modify the colors, mood and tonality of your photos and can also add borders, making them look much better than what your phone’s stock camera app can shoot. Instagram’s filters can also be applied to pictures you’ve already shot, and finally, every photo you edit can be shared easily on Flickr, Facebook and Twitter. Now wouldn’t it be great if there was something like this for the web?

Picfull has got you covered. It’s a simple free app that lets you apply filters to your photos and share them with friends and family quickly and easily. It’s a breeze to learn to use and has a number of nice effects and editable parameters to tweak your pictures till you get the desired look. The effects available are comparable to Instagram and you don’t need any prior experience working with photos to use it. Is this how you’ll be sharing your photos from now on? Let’s find out.


Like a lot of people, I too believe that these days there is a social overdose online. Even sub-standard apps mask themselves under the social veil to grab some traction. So, when Google launched its latest attempt at dominating the social graph with Google+, it got a rather lackluster reception. And the usage since launch seems to be dwindling exponentially.

There is no doubt that Google+ is a worthy competitor to Facebook, but it arrived a bit too late. Even without having to examine it under a microscope, Google+ is a better social product with a ton of cool features. Privacy issues that haunted Google and the last social product of theirs, Google Buzz, have been fixed for good. Even with that, it’s still hard to grab an audience when everyone’s already on Facebook, Twitter, and 1.5 million other social networks.

To spice up an already awesome product, Google has rolled out hot new features like trending topics, analytics, and image editing among other things. Let’s take a peek at them and see if there’s enough to entice users to Google’s network now.