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Passwords dominate our lives these days; they are part and parcel of spending time online. There are now so many applications, service, devices and websites that require us to log into our secure account using a password that the sheer number of passphrases we have to remember has spiralled completely out of control.

For the best level of security it’s advisable to use a completely different password for each website and service — just off the top of my head I can think of 20 websites that I need to log into (there are probably at least double if I were to sit down and list everything properly); how the heck am I supposed to remember 20 completely unique passwords, each of which comprises a combination of upper and lower case letters, numbers and symbols. Oh, and don’t forget… you’re meant to change these passwords every few weeks!


Facebook seems to be the “app of the hour” lately as it becomes an ever larger and rapidly growing beast. Launching new features such as groups, downloading personal data and high resolution galleries, Facebook clearly isn’t sitting on their hands enjoying their success. What are they up to now? Acquiring data storage and sharing app and holding a holding a “Mobile Event” this coming Wednesday.

What might Facebook be up to? How do you feel about their acquisition? Read on for our thoughts and to share yours.