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The world is different now. If you’re reading this article, you’re already connected with people around the world online, and our own writing team hails from a number of different countries. Now you don’t need to leave your country to work and shop beyond your border.

There’s tons of essential apps that help us all work online and be more productive in today’s interconnected world, but there’s one service that, more than any other, makes global work and commerce actually work: PayPal. The payment juggernaut owned by eBay is the handiest way to transfer money overseas without all the bureaucracy of dealing with banks.

If you sell stuff online, you’ll likely get paid via PayPal, so why not use PayPal to pay for all of your online services? There’s one problem: everyone doesn’t accept PayPal payments. Let’s look at the most popular services that don’t work with PayPal, and the alternates you can use with PayPal instead.


Even at the very peak of this Web 2.0 era, it’s not exactly easy to setup a payment gateway. Supporting multiple payment gateways needs extreme coding expertise. Now if you add recurring payments to the mix, we will have a glorious mess in our hands.

Chargify helps novices and large businesses alike in making recurring payments on websites such a simple exercise. We tested the app for you and you can read our take on it after the jump.