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We’ve just closed our giveaway, and want to extend our congratulations to our winners: Ricardo, Stevie, and Prajwal! Stay tuned for our next giveaways!

Wanting a better way to keep track of the time you spend working for your clients? Paydirt is one of the most exciting time tracking and invoicing apps we’ve tried lately, and we gave it a high score in our recent review.

Paydirt is designed to make it simple to get started, with a tutorial that’ll let you hit the ground running. You can then keep track of your work on any web site with the Chrome extension, and then turn all the data into nice invoices and more.

A Paydirt Hustler plan – their mid-sized plan – usually costs $16 AUD/month, and gives you unlimited clients, invoices, and more for one users. This week, though, we’ve got three 1-year accounts for free for our readers. All you’ll need to do leave a comment below, letting us what you find most exciting about Paydirt, and you’ll be entered in our giveaway. Want an extra entry? Share the giveaway publicly on Facebook, Twitter, or, and share a link to your post in a separate comment, and you’ll get extra entries in our giveaway for each network you share on.

Hurry and get your entry in; our contest will close on March 13th, 2012!

Envato staff or people who have written more than two articles or tutorials for AppStorm, however, are ineligible to enter.

Invoicing, time tracking, and project/task management: the three app categories that seem to dominate the world of web apps. It’s incredible how many apps are trying to target this same space, and after a while it feels a bit repetitive. There’s only a few apps that feel really innovative. Mostly, you end up wishing that the best features of all of them could be combined into one great app, while you keep using the one you started with just because you’ve already invested time and money in it.

There’s a newish invoicing and time tracking app, though, that’s unique and innovative enough that you owe it to yourself to try it: Paydirt. It’s been on our radar since mid-2012, and has gotten better with time, enough that it’s the time-tracking app you should try if you don’t have one already. Keep reading to see why.


Our sponsor this week is Paydirt Time Tracking and Invoicing. As a freelancer or small business owner, keeping track of your billable time and invoices can be a real time sink. It’s also costly to get wrong. Paydirt makes it stupidly easy stay on top of your invoices and get paid for the work you’ve done.

Paydirt’s time tracker is really easy to use – just click start on the job you’re working on. Your hourly rate is automatically applied, so when you’re on the clock you’re making money. And you’ll never forget to track your time with Paydirt: it automatically recognises web pages and emails that are related to your clients and reminds you to start a timer when you’re working for them. You’ll be billing more hours in no time!

Making and sending an invoice takes literally 60 seconds. Just choose who to bill and Paydirt will create a PDF invoice and let you email it to your client in one click. Your client can view the invoice online and pay it instantly by PayPal or Credit Card. Paydirt will even email you to let you know when a payment arrives (or the invoice falls overdue!).

Go Get It!

Want to log more billable hours and spend less time managing your invoices? Get started with a 14 day trial of Paydirt on any plan. Plus, until January 15th AppStorm readers can get 30% off the Hustler plan with the coupon code app-storm-2012! Just click this link to claim it!

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