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Web apps are typically single-purpose: you use one app for one thing. That’s in sharp contrast to most desktop apps, where you might use the same app (hello, Excel!) for dozens of different things. Being focused is great, but it can also sometimes be limiting.

Take Microsoft Office Access, for example. For years it’s been the go-to app for small businesses when they need a new form-driven internal app. Instead of buying some new app, anyone with the tiniest bit of computer skills can put together a custom solution without too much trouble. It might not be as powerful as a full-featured app for the same purpose, but it gets the job done without too much trouble.

Papyrs, an intranet tool we covered a couple years back, has recently added a new Apps mode that makes it easy for anyone to turn a Papyrs form into a custom database app. It’s Access, reinvented for the web.


The software situation in enterprises is an unholy mess. From the top level management to employees, everyone has to be at the mercy of the feudal lords also known as system admins. Your productivity is dependant on whatever version of software they choose to impose on you. And if the software isn’t a bloatware, there is a very good chance it won’t be bought and used in production.

Document management and Intranet are two domains that receive hardly any attention at all. If you are really lucky and the company has deep pockets, you might get to use Microsoft Sharepoint – which is just about alright. But, for everyone else, it’s so good to see that web based alternatives like Papyrs are hard at work helping businesses manage information painlessly.

If you are interested in knowing how to set up and put Papyrs to use in your organization, do read on.