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Design, of course, is a hugely important part of a website. As a population, online visitors are extremely fickle, and the smallest mistake in usability will have them clicking elsewhere.

What about after the design phase, though? Yes, design is obviously important, but just as important is the admin area of your site. Choose the wrong system, and you’re stuck with a frustrating, time-consuming mess to deal with every time you want to make even the most minor of alterations to your site.

Barley is a new, hosted CMS which is trying to cut out that kind of pain from post-design website management. At $18 per month, Barley sounds pricey in comparison with other simple-to-use hosted website editors like Weebly and Moonfruit. The suggestion made by Plain, Barley‘s developer, however, is that its creation (still in private beta) is a whole new level of simple, featuring a purely inline, click-and-edit methodology, when it comes to content manipulation.

But is less hassle worth a greater investment? Time to edit a website or two…


One of the many awesome aspects of ThemeForest is the affordability of such amazing templates and themes. However, I quickly noticed many of my items’ buyers expected my hourly rates for content customization to be little more than the item price itself—which was just not possible.

Thanks to some really great lightweight CMSes, which we rounded up in our 10 Fantastic Lightweight CMSes You Should Try post, I can easily provide many of my buyers with an easily editable website in very little time and at a very low cost.

In today’s how-to, I’ll walk you through the simple steps of setting up a ThemeForest template with the easy to use CMS PageLime.