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Pages on Facebook can be incredibly useful tools for small business, bloggers and entrepreneurs alike. Although they take a bit of skill to manage properly, if you get the magic formula right you can see that magic “total reach” figure for each post shoot through the roof.

Managing both a website and a Facebook page can be a bit of a chore, though, so Sitefly, which is currently in open beta, allows you to create a simple website using your Facebook page, no matter what it is you do. This sounded really interesting to me, especially as I use the iPad.AppStorm Facebook page quite extensively to publish our posts so I signed up to see what the service could offer. Here’s what I found out.


Windows users will be familiar with the weekly update schedule Microsoft employs in trying to patch bugs, add a few features and so forth. Lately, Facebook has been been making changes and upgrades at a pace that most web apps—including apps from Google’s stable—have never done before. Even with such a huge infrastructure to handle and a potential community outburst at every turn, they roll out updates anyway.

Few days ago, Facebook upgraded the way the profile page looks. It’s a big deal because in mere seconds visitors will get all that there is to know about you in a nutshell. Follow me after the break for a glimpse at the new Facebook profile page and learn how to enable it.


Landing pages are specially designed and optimized pages that companies create to target specific types of visitors. So for example, you might have a landing page for a particular ad campaign, or you might make a landing page that is search engine optimized for a particular keyword. In all cases the landing page is then designed to make that particular type of visitor do something you want them to do, usually to buy stuff!