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I don’t have to write anything more about the annoyance of dealing with a constant barrage of emails day in and day out. From those dealing with a handful of emails to those getting hundreds of them, the collective feeling is that of pain and boredom. What is supposed to make sure that you get the job done, ends up taking up a major chunk of productive hours.

In the last few months we have reviewed a few apps that try to help people tackle their overloaded inboxes. SaneBox separates your most important emails from the ones that can wait, helping you prioritize the way you read your messages all the while saving you time and frustration. Come join me to learn how to put this app to use and enhance your productivity.


We do get a lot of email these days. I am not talking about spam – clean, legitimate emails from people we know and do business with. Leave it unattended for a couple of days, your email inbox will look like a war zone with the causalities being your productivity and reputation. Besides, it has become a fashion to complain about email overload.

For those who are really serious about clearing out their inbox and get things done, there are some great apps to lend a helping hand. Email Game is one such app and is a new way to read and respond to email.


Over the last few years apps have overtaken our phones and now the web — at least in a more organized way (e.g. the Chrome Web Store). While this movement has been fantastic and allowed us to do more than ever, it’s also made it easy to overload ourselves with an unmanageable number of apps.

Mobile devices and desktops aside, I am still overwhelmed at times with the number of web apps I use, have access to and test each and every day. The web front didn’t use to be this way for me and was quite manageable. Perhaps I’m in this situation now because I work with so many more web apps for this site, or perhaps the growth and advancement of the web has opened up many more web app possibilities.

What are your thoughts? Are you overloaded with web apps on a regular basis or do you just ignore the growing multitudes? If you ignore them, how do you stay on the edge of new and exciting apps?

Personally, I am consistently overloaded with not just web apps but mobile and even desktop apps. However, I generally thrive off the constant stream of fresh, new apps to try, which always push the envelope of what’s possible to greater lengths. At times though, I certainly need a break and to stabilize my ever changing app line-up. How about you?

You just simply cannot ignore emails. Now that almost all individuals and businesses are online, people are mailing the jeepers out for one thing or another. At least with telephones you just can turn them off or yank them off the wall to avoid the barrage of calls, useful or otherwise. But with an email inbox, there is very little control over the incoming traffic.

If you’re looking for that urgent project update from your client, in all possibility you will have to wade through the weekly newsletters, funny videos recommended by friends and bill mailers among others. To help you keep your sanity we’ve put together a bouquet of apps that tackle email overload, after the break.