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Microsoft purchased Skype back in May of 2011, but has been rather slow to integrate the communication service into its software. That, however, is beginning to change. For instance, the latest version of Office, 365 Home Premium, comes with 60-minutes of Skype credit and the there is a Modern-UI version available for Windows 8 (its built into 8.1), as well as Xbox Kinect integration, that will likely grow when the Xbox One finds its way to market later this year.

The latest Microsoft property to get the Skype treatment is — the web-based email client that recently replaced Hotmail, regardless if customers wanted it to or not.

The web-based version of the Outlook app produced by the software giant, and trading off of the name of its desktop-based brother, is a much cleaner and sleeker email than Hotmail or, for that matter, Gmail. It has a built-in calendar app and SkyDrive cloud storage integration.

While other features can be accessed from a drop-down menu at the top of the page, Skype is a bit more hidden, and there are some tricks to it.


Last Tuesday, Microsoft surprised the world by launching a new web app: The software giant is easily one of the biggest players in the world of email, with their consumer service and their enterprise-focused Outlook and Exchange Server. Even still, they’re not perceived as a leader in the space, with Gmail firmly retaining that distinction. With, Microsoft’s hoping to turn that around.

Our own Joe Casabona already took a look at the new and found it to be a nice, clean email app, with a number of Hotmail features mixed with Microsoft’s new Metro design goodness. Frustratingly, though, it still has many of Hotmail’s limitations, including only having POP3 sync for clients that don’t support Mobile ActiveSync.

Many of us got started with email using Hotmail, and plenty of people around the world still use it. That’s why we’re wondering if you’ve tried the new Would you consider using it, and would you switch from Gmail to it? We’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below!