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In this Quick Look, we’re highlighting Thoughtboxes . The developer describes Thoughtboxes as a a simple web application that helps you organize everything you do. Whether you want to keep track of tasks, manage projects, or brainstorm a new idea, Thoughtboxes makes the process fun and easy.

Thoughtboxes combines the simplicity and structure of lists with flexibility of mind maps. Use Thoughtboxes for whatever you like, you can’t go wrong.

Read on for more information and screenshots!


You just simply cannot ignore emails. Now that almost all individuals and businesses are online, people are mailing the jeepers out for one thing or another. At least with telephones you just can turn them off or yank them off the wall to avoid the barrage of calls, useful or otherwise. But with an email inbox, there is very little control over the incoming traffic.

If you’re looking for that urgent project update from your client, in all possibility you will have to wade through the weekly newsletters, funny videos recommended by friends and bill mailers among others. To help you keep your sanity we’ve put together a bouquet of apps that tackle email overload, after the break.


There is no dearth of content online on any topic you look for. From plain text pages, we have moved into era that enriches the information with pictures and videos. Saving those pictures & videos and sharing them in a streamlined manner is tricky.

We cannot save pictures & videos and upload as email attachments. Size limitations and the
lack of dynamic interactions is a huge problem with email attachments. Snipi solves the problem with a web app that brings full duplex sharing & collaboration when it comes to images & videos online.