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ERP systems, which stands for enterprise-resource planning, are pretty much the heart and soul of every single modern company. They manage virtually every aspect of a business, from the sales and purchasing to the accounting and project management departments. Without them, a company is virtually unable to run smoothly without a massive, unnecessary manual exchange of information. Every single department needs to communicate with one another (for example, the production department of a company would need to know what the projected sales figures are for a particular time period in order to ease planning), and ERP systems make this possible with one unified solution.

The only thing is, ERP systems can be complex and expensive, and would be far beyond the budget of most smaller companies. ERPNext is an interesting ERP web app that takes much of the complexity out of ERP, and is more affordable to boot. Let’s take a look at it and see what ERPNext could mean for businesses looking for a better ERP solution today.


Task and project management apps are a thing many of us use, either on a personal and collaborative level. There’s a ton of them available and I use quite a wide selection of them myself, both natively on desktop and mobile devices and online. is one such task manager that touts a clean, minimalist interface that makes project management a breeze. blossom organises tasks into subsets of cards to be quite literally dragged through a series of progressional steps that make for an easy and straightforward experience. (more…)