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Your field technicians obviously need to be mobile in order to do their job but managing teams scattered all over the place can be a real conundrum. There’s a fine line between keeping them on a tight leash and knowing what field technicians are doing at any given moment, why certain appointments or meetings weren’t fulfilled, why others are taking so long etc.

Managing offsite employees effectively is therefore definitely tricky but crucial especially for companies in the service industry that rely on customer referrals to generate new business. There are though a growing number of online field service management apps that service and repair-based businesses are implementing to improve the efficiency and reliability of their offsite technicians.

Although features and functionality vary from app to app, most field service management apps offer tools that managers can use to track the location of their employees, shorten billing cycles, cut down on unnecessary paperwork, and deliver a better overall service. Most offer a lot more too such as CRM features, invoicing and integration with accounting apps such as QuickBooks.

Businesses that use field service management apps are able to improve on-time records, deliver better services and generate more referrals from satisfied customers. We’ve picked five of the best online field service software to help you manage your mobile workforce.