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It’s a nice thought that “we’re never done learning”. One quick look around you at the world and it’s hard to come to any other conclusion than “yup, most of us do actually stop learning very soon on in life”. It’s a shame too, because if we didn’t, we’d have teleportation, time travel and hover cars by now.

Whether bad experiences of formal education or simply not seeing the point is to blame, the majority will rarely read to enrich, nor study to better ourselves.

And yet the Internet provides us with, what is in my opinion at least, the most open and user friendly learning environment known to man. Largely for free too. Textbooks, journals, notes, essays and presentations which were largely restricted to those attending ‘regular’ universities just a few years ago are accessible to people all over the world regardless of age, location or income. But is online learning on par with traditional ‘college education’?