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It’s nearly 2010 and, like many, you’ve probably set one or more New Year’s resolutions. A popular resolution for millions of people each year, is to drop a few pounds and get a little more fit. Like a large percentage of people who set out to do this, going about it in the wrong way could lead to failure.

Accountability is a great way to stay on track and meet your goals. That’s where DailyBurn comes in — to help you monitor, track and meet your fitness, and even nutrition, goals. Believe me when I say, graphs can be a powerful tool for motivation and a centralized location for exercise and nutritional information can make the difference between reaching your goals or failing miserably. DailyBurn takes care of all this and offers a lot more.

Today we’ll take a look at DailyBurn’s offerings and how you can use them to reach a successful New Year’s fitness resolution and more.