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Hey folks! I’m Jordan McNamara, the Community Manager for Envato and I wanted to share some exciting news with you about the Envato Marketplaces.

The 12th of September was an exciting day for me as a member of our thriving Marketplace community. I along with everyone here at Envato HQ watched eagerly as the global Marketplace member count steadily grew higher and higher and higher… We were close, very close to the 1,000,000 member milestone. With every page refresh the count grew higher and I began to reflect on just how staggering having 1,000,000 members really is and on just what a fantastic community everyone has helped to build here.


We’re immensely pleased to announce that, after months of waiting, a new member of the AppStorm network has landed: Windows.AppStorm!

Complimenting Mac.AppStorm, Web.AppStorm, iPhone.AppStorm, iPad.AppStorm, and Android.AppStorm, our new Windows site will be offering reviews and roundups covering the entire Windows ecosystem, including Windows Phone 7, and games, along with tips and tricks to get the most from Windows.

We’re incredibly excited to bring you excellent Windows content of the high quality you’ve come to expect from AppStorm – daily reviews, how-to’s, roundups, news, and opinion. Read on to find out the best way to get involved!

Go to Windows.AppStorm…

At the end of 2009 I was fortunate enough to take over for Chris as Editor of Web.AppStorm. I’ve seen the site grow a lot since then and along with it so have our writers and the whole wide world of web applications. It’s been one of the best experiences I’ve had so far and I’m happy to announce another talented individual will share in that experience — Matthew Guay.

I am handing over the reigns to Matthew, which many of you know from his past posts, and will be heading over to work with Envato’s marketplaces full-time. Matthew has been writing for the AppStorm network for quite awhile now and is a very talented individual, attending school and even running his own blog — Techinch.

So, rest assured, Web.AppStorm is in good hands. Thank you all for the great experience, I’ll still be around here and there so feel free to say hi. Now I’ll hand the show over to Matthew for a quick introduction. Let’s give Matthew a big warm welcome! (more…)

We are living in the era of content overload. With the rise of blogs as a professional, reliable and responsible medium that covers news, the volume of content available on any given topic has exploded and keeps pouring in by the minute. Add to it all the social network updates from friends and family and you have an absolute mess in your hands.

It’s not only becoming difficult to read all the news and updates but it’s also getting more difficult to filter them out in the first place. A piece of very useful information is always accompanied and drowned in a sea of nonsense. Summify is a web app that bravely tackles all the social noise signals to give a summary of quality content that matters to you.


Bookmarks and notes have come of age and graduated from your browser to their own place in the cloud. What we should be building is a high-powered internet connected personal database of everything that’s of interest to you and not just text and links. More so, everything should have a custom wrapper of its own, that gets dynamically updated without any input from you.

Springpad is a free personal organizer to save and use just about anything — recipes, products, restaurants, ideas, notes, articles, and more. After the break you can find out how this web app turned out to be the most used app in my daily life.


With so much happening in the digital world, it can be a full time job just staying up to date on the latest web app happenings. But, that’s why you come to Web.AppStorm… right? With all the fantastic new features app developers are constantly releasing, we’re not really able to report them all and ultimately many of our readers miss out on some really good stuff. So, we’re going to try something new.

At the end of a week, a few times per month, we’ll bring you some of the best web app news and updates. App developers, this is a great time to familiarize yourselves with our contact form to submit your news or tips.

Read on after the break for some of this weeks best web app news and updates.


In this digital age we are used to reading personal statuses from friends whom we are following via several social media mediums, but sometimes we don’t really care if they are eating, on their way to the office, etc. However, we might be interested in the content they read or browse through the web. When you follow friends using social media it is because you share a common interest, thus, you would like to browse suggested content based on their readings. Perfect timing, here is when Readness comes up.

Let’s find out more about privacy and Readness features.


How many times has your blog or website been brought down by traffic from Facebook or Twitter? Even with their combined audience of few hundred millions, no other site other than Digg has the power to bring a blog massive surge in traffic and the much deserved attention. While links and articles get inundated in the sea of tweeting, retweeting, hash tagging and app updates in the conventional social media networks, things are totally different at Digg.

Digg has always been about only one thing. News discovery. Pure and simple. The fact that they are still alive today yet unable to reach where they intended to be, lay in their choice of being the guardian of the news discovery niche. Digg has gone through four refreshes so far and with the fourth one, they try be more social and more personalized.


We’re announcing a new type of post on Web.AppStorm today: Quick Look. These short application overviews will give you a description, a few screenshots, and basic information about a particular piece of software. They’re sponsored, so developers pay a small fee to have their app featured in a Quick Look post.

At the end of each post we’ll have a poll for readers to vote in. If you like what you see, you can vote for us to write a full (completely unbiased) review of the software in question.

It’s a great way to find out about new applications you haven’t come across before and a great way for developers to get the word out about their new app. We’ll have a few of these posts appearing soon so you’ll be able to see how they work.

Quick Look posts will be in addition to our regular publishing schedule here at AppStorm. So you’ll continue getting the same great reviews, roundups and guides, plus you’ll now get Quick Looks at new and interesting apps!

We’re very excited by the prospect of showcasing more apps, finding AppStorm a new revenue source to help us grow, and giving developers a promotional tool to market their work. We’d love to hear your feedback on this addition, so feel free to leave a comment or send us an email.

Promote Your App on Quick Look

If you’d like to have your application featured, Quick Look posts cost $49 and will help you reach an audience of people who love web applications! Fill in this form to reserve a post.

With as much technology news as there is, most of us are bound to miss lots of great information. While it would be impossible to cover everything that happens in a week, we would like to bring you a roundup of web app news you may have missed this week.


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