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The web has put traditional journalism into a tailspin, and newspapers of all sizes are scrambling to find a way to monetize their content. The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and more have created paywalls that require readers to pay to read all of their content each month, either online or in apps on various mobile platforms. Increasingly, though, publishers are turning to mobile apps as the only way to sell digital copies of their articles, cutting the web out of the equation.

Is this the future of digital media? Will we have to purchase specific devices to read the content we want? Or is there hope yet for monetized content on the internet?


Social media is turning out to be an awesome resource for finding news and information. Thanks to hundreds of thousands of professional and amateur sources, there is no dearth of content on any given topic. But the volume of information passing through the social streams is quiet heavy and is becoming increasingly tedious for consuming them straight up.

Some sort of curation and an edible wrapper would help a lot of folks. Storify lets you consume social media in a brand new way – by creating stories using social media. Interested in knowing how its done? Read on.