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These days, it feels like it’s getting harder for many of us to maintain our personal brands on the Internet. We’ve got a multitude of blogs and websites that we maintain, and most of us have Twitter and Google+ presences as well. If you’re a regular reader of this site, you might even have an account.

Personally, I own three domain names. I’ve got Twitter,, Google+, Facebook, Instagram, Flickr — the list goes on. I’ve got a personal blog, a music blog and a forthcoming website for my business. Sometimes, I think I need a place to put it all together. This is where comes in. It’s a popular way to maintain a single page for yourself on the Internet. Read on to find out if I think it’s worth it for you.


It’s another day and we have another ninja app lined up for your attention. Today’s social network ninja app is Brizzly that has been making waves with its acquisition of the Twitter iPhone app Birdfeed and making it available for free. Brizzly lets us manage two of the leading social networks, Facebook and Twitter. How best does it play? Well, let us go and see!


Here at Web.Appstorm, we love social networks and we love the web apps that help us manage our networks. Be it for personal or for business use, it is very useful to be on top of your social network. That is why we have this ongoing series to help you become a “Social Media Ninja”.

Today we will be reviewing one of the hottest startups in the Twitter ecosystem that serves the business or enterprise segment. Right from its launch, CoTweet has declared itself to be a “Social CRM” that helps businesses manage their brand identity on Twitter. Well do they really? Let’s find out.


In the Twitter ecosystem, Seesmic has carved a niche for itself with its apps deployed across various platforms: desktop, mobile and web. Seesmic’s web app was launched to much fanfare and gets feature upgrades on a regular basis. The web app is boasted as being a tool to manage and organize your community online. Let’s go ahead and check if Seesmic performs as often advertised.


The twitterverse is getting more massive by the day. Of late, Twitter has become a hot bed of everything real-time on the web. The downside is, there’s too much data, too many conversations and too many people to keep track of from a Twitter account’s home page.

Most of us need an app to streamline and present the conversations in a manner that makes sense. There are a number of apps for desktop and otherwise that claim to address this issue. One among them is HootSuite.

HootSuite has a ton of strong suits; being a web app that does not need a plugin or Adobe Air to function makes it more attractive. HootSuite also helps you to keep track of conversations across major social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Myspace,, WordPress and Foursquare from a single web page.

Let’s take peek at some of the mind blowing features of this free web app.