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If you’ve hung around Web.AppStorm long enough, you’ve surely come across a few web apps you’ve thought looked nice. Hopefully you found some you kept using, but odds are, you quit using most of them right after you tried them out.

There’s the web apps we use all the time, like Gmail and Facebook, that we can’t imagine not using. Then there’s others we like, say Evernote or Google Reader, that we might like but we tend to use through native apps. And then, there’s the dozens of apps we’ve used but don’t keep using forever.

So what makes a great web app, and why do some seem to click while others never find a place in your toolkit?


Today, we’re going to step away from the world of buttoned-up web apps and take a look at a truly unique app: Project Noah. It’s a cooperative science project that will motivate you to get away from your screen and spend more time in the great outdoors!

Whether you’re a nature lover or simply would like to know what that plant in your yard is, Project Noah is an app that can be both educational and fun. Let’s take a look and see what Project Noah has to offer.


We know that MySpace is a great place for people who love music and for bands who want to make it big. A few days ago MySpace announced a tie up with Facebook for a new feature named Mashup with Facebook. The primary goal of this feature is to help MySpace users easily create a personalized stream of entertainment content based on their interests and taste.

Your interests are ascertained by the likes you’ve shared on your Facebook stream from clicking Like buttons across the web. Read on to find how you can get personalized entertainment content recommendations from MySpace, courtesy of Facebook.


Getting suggestions on entertainment, particularly which movie to watch, what band to listen to or which book to read, isn’t so simple. It’s true that you can ask your friends on Facebook or Twitter but how many times will you be willing to pollute your social stream asking for the slapstick comedy recommendations? It’s just not perfect.

A few automated recommendation engines have been around for a while to help you out and one among them is GetGlue. The USP of GetGlue is that it’s a social network dedicated to discovering all types entertainment, and they cover everything from movies and books to wine tasting. Read on to see how the web app can help you have some fresh fun.


Twitter recently released official tweet buttons to make it easier for content publishers to make it easy for their readers to tweet content they’re viewing. In addition to easier visitor tweeting, it’s easy to view the tweet count for that given content.

Let’s take a look at how to use Twitter’s new tweet buttons and how it can be integrated with third-party services like


With 500 million registered users, there’s never been an online platform with as much marketing potential as Facebook. Nowadays all the buzz around promoting your business or brand is focused towards Twitter, but Twitter is relatively small when it comes to audience size and isn’t a platform that offers much leeway to promote your brand. Facebook on the other hand is in its prime and is ready to be taken advantage of.

With the ability to get vanity usernames & URLs, flexible profile pictures, extremely customizable welcome pages, ability to have a conversation that is not limited by character size and a bunch of apps and an option to add custom coded apps, it is now possible to promote your brand left, right and center via Facebook fan pages.

After the jump we will touch down the tip of the Facebook fan page customization iceberg.


Love it or hate it, Facebook is one great social network for individuals and businesses alike. With more active members (recently reaching 500 million) than the population of some countries, it’s easily one of the best places for marketers and fans.

After taking a look through tons of great Facebook fan pages we compiled 35 of our favorite and most inspiring. Have a look and share yours!


We human beings always have the urge to go after the best in every vertical. The same is doubly true when it comes to the Internet. We might have our blog at, friends in Facebook, photos in Flickr, videos in YouTube, microblog at Tumblr and so on.

But it is an absoulte hassle if a friend of yours wants to keep of your social network activities. He/she will have to login to multiple apps to view the things you have shared and know what you are up to. Enter empowers the user to create a centralized one stop online destination for all the personal content distributed across multiple social networks.


If you’re a Facebook user, you’re likely to know about the shady privacy practices the social network giant has developed a strong reputation for. For many the poor handling of people’s privacy has caused many to see alternatives (see our 6 Alternatives to Facebook). Currently, however, no other social network stacks up to Facebook, which is a network many won’t leave simply due to the number of family or friends that have finally joined the social networking world.

Recently Facebook held several meetings regarding privacy concerns, finally admitting they had gone too far. They’re now in the process of rolling out new privacy features to simplify the overwhelmingly complex system previously used. The new controls may not be available in your account just yet, but they’re on their way.

This how-to will take a look at using Facebook’s new privacy controls and whether or not they’re enough to put Facebook back on an acceptable privacy path.